Safecontractor Accreditation

Unifire Protection is committed to maintaining high standards of health, safety and welfare and creating a safe working environment for its employees, customers, members of the public and anyone else who are affected by our operations.

We operate in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health & Safety Regulations and all other current applicable regulations and codes of practice.

Any significant risks are assessed by Unifire Protection prior to the commencement of any job and suitable and sufficient measures are adopted to allow each employee/contractor to carry out his/her duties safely and without risk to their health. Suitable equipment is provided and maintained in a safe condition, and safe systems of work are in place.

We provide all necessary resources to ensure that all Health and Safety matters are adopted including training, personal protective equipment, adequate equipment/tools, maintenance for this equipment, external advice where necessary and any other resource necessary to ensure the Health and Safety of our staff.

All our fire safety equipment and products are quality assured and the service and maintenance of fire extinguishers is undertaken to BS5306-3 2017.


We are accredited to Safecontractor and all our technicians hold the IFEDA (Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association)
Certification which has been approved by the British Standards Institute and BAFE training requirements of SP101.